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Same Data, Different Model: Choosing an Ontology Modeling Methodology


As knowledge graph development (and in particular the development of their schemas) grows commensurately with the importance of knowledge graphs in industry and academia, it follows that choosing a development methodology to fit the application scenario and domain is correspondingly important. We thus propose a 3-hour, hands-on tutorial for the purposes of comparing and contrasting three distinct ontology modeling methodologies: Modular Ontology Modeling (MOMo), Domain Reference Ontology Design (DROD), and Knowledge Acquisition and Representation Methodology (KNARM). Attendees will have the opportunity to execute each methodology. The tutorial will culminate in a retrospective for the different sub-tutorials. The tutorial can be effectively run in any mode.

Teaser Video

Schedule (3hrs)

  1. Introduction (20 minutes)
  2. Modular Ontology Modeling (40 minutes)
  3. Domain Reference Ontology Design (40 minutes)
  4. KNowledge Acquisition and Representation Methodology (40 minutes)
  5. Comparative Analysis & Discussion (40 minutes)